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Vintage on the Ridge reclaims furniture from various places, such as flea markets, antiques shops, resale shops, auctions, and yes, the occasional tree lawn.

If you have furniture to sell at dealer prices (don’t expect retail prices,) feel free to send me an email with photos to consider, along with your asking price and a phone number.


I upcycle each piece by thoroughly cleaning the piece, then painting or refinishing. I give some finishes a distressed look to mimic the age of the piece. I seal all furniture pieces with either wax or polyacrylic varnish for durability and protection. During the restoration process, I might replace hardware, re-glue drawers, and make any other repairs that are necessary to the integrity of the piece. My furniture has age-consistent wear and history - it is not new, unfinished wood. Please check all the photos of a piece to see its details. I take care in adding all pertinent information about a piece in its corresponding description. If you have any questions, contact me.


Always call to confirm availability first, and then make your purchase and payment through the web site using the shopping cart system. That is the safest way to pay using your PayPal account or a credit card. I try my best to keep sold items marked as such on the web site, but there is a chance someone might purchase the same piece you are looking at, but it hasn’t been marked Sold yet.

Please do not ask me to hold an item. Inventory can turn quickly, so it isn't fair to the next customer who might want the same piece to wait for your hold to expire.

After your payment is completed, I will contact you to arrange for a pickup. Be sure to include your phone number and email address with your order details in the shopping cart. Please bring someone with you to help you load your piece. If it is small and not extremely heavy, I can help. You will need sufficient packing materials and tie downs if necessary for your vehicle.

I am located about 30 miles southwest of Cleveland OH not far off of state route 2/90 and the Ohio Turnpike. If you need driving directions, feel free to call.


If you have questions about a furniture piece, please EMAIL ME or CALL Vintage on the Ridge. If you are interested in purchasing furniture, but have questions or concerns, please ask them before you complete the purchase. Upcycled furniture is non-refundable.

Upcycled Furniture