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is to provide you with quality home décor that will enhance your living spaces with fresh style and a unique look. Every product I produce is created with passion and a quality that I would be proud to have in my own home.  I love to share my enthusiasm for hand-crafted home décor with you and I sincerely hope you find something you would love to add to your home and enjoy it for years to come.

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Get Your DIY On

Hand-Painted Signs

You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” I believe when displaying textual signs in your home, words are worth a thousand emotions. The quotes and saying elicit feelings of happiness, faith, love of family and life.

I hope you find some signs here that help you express yourself.

hand-painted coffee sign, Vintage on the Ridge

‘But First Coffee’ Sign

Hand-painted on mini pallet

9 x 10 inches


‘Hello’ Chalkboard

Hand-painted chalkboard

14 x 10.5 inches


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Small chalkboard sign "Hello"

‘Hello’ Sign, Small

Hand-painted chalkboard sign

9.5 x 7.5 inches framed


Add To Cart Welcome Sign with White Flower Knobs

Farmhouse ‘Welcome’ Sign

Hand-painted “Welcome” sign

with white flower knobs

24 x 5.5 inches    $29

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‘Always a Reason to be Thankful’ Sign

Hand-painted sign

9 x 10 inches    $24


Add To CartHand-painted Home Sweet Home sign, Vintage onthe Ridge

‘Home Sweet Home’ Sign

Hand-painted, aged sign

24 x 3 inches


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‘Choose Joy’ Sign

Hand-painted “Choose Joy” sign

10 x 3.5 inches


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‘Love’ Sign

Hand-painted “LOVE” sign

12 x 3.5 inches


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If you have a special request for a custom sign created just for you, please let me know. I welcome your requests.

Hand painted chalkboard sign "Eat it or Starve" on reclaimed wood, Vintage on the Ridge Thankful-Grateful-Blessed hand painted sign, Vintage on the Ridge Laundry sign, hand painted, Vintage on the Ridge

‘Today’s Menu’ Sign

Chalk-painted sign, embellished with jute trim and vintage, painted silverware on a reclaimed board. 22.5 x 11 inches    $34

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‘Thankful-Grateful-Blessed’ Sign

Hand-painted sign on mini pallet with a color washed background 9 x 10 inches    $24

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Laundry Sign

Hand-painted sign on reclaimed boards. Lightly distressed.

13 x 8 inches    $24

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‘Unbelievably Blessed’ Chalkboard Sign

Hand-painted chalkboard sign in tin frame.

5 x 7 inches    $12

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‘Gather together’ Chalkboard Sign

Hand-painted chalkboard sign in tin frame.

5 x 7 inches    $12

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Wedding photo booth Chalkboard Sign

Hand-painted chalkboard sign in gray wood painted frame.

16 x 20 inches    $45

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